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2018/19 Season

Celebrating 40 years of Choral Excellence


2018/19 Season

Celebrating 40 years of Choral Excellence

Welcome our 40th anniversary Bay Area Season!

We’re changing things up with our subscription ordering. In the past we’ve offered discounted 2, 3, and 4 concert packages with the option to add additional single tickets (which were not discounted).  We are simplifying things this year. You can subscribe by selecting tickets for 2 or more different concerts à la carte, including additional tickets for your guests. All tickets are discounted 15% off regular ticket prices.

Please note: We are not accepting orders for single concerts at this time. Single tickets go on sales August 1st at 10am. You can still order additional tickets for your guests with your subscription order of 2 or more concerts.  

Up & Away - 40th Anniversary Gala & Reunion

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 @ 7:30pm

The Wilsey Center for Opera
San Francisco War Memorial, 4th Floor

In this 40th year we give back to the city which has nurtured us and celebrate our longstanding commitment to education and to the students and teachers with whom we work every year. One of those former high school students is a Chanticleer singer! To this end we are going to spend September making flash appearances in San Francisco’s public schools in collaboration with the San Francisco Unified School District. That’s why our one fall concert will be on October 17th at the glamorous Wilsey Center (located in the San Francisco War Memorial & Performing Arts Center), when we will present a one night only blow-out concert and reunion of former singers as the central event of our Anniversary. We will have a spectacular evening of live performance, historical audio-visuals from our archives, and special guests. 

A Chanticleer Christmas

December 10-23, 2018

Something magical always seems to happen at A Chanticleer Christmas. Gregorian chant sets an expectant mood. The room is hushed, the lights are low until the music rings out, “Arise, Shine, Your Light Has Come.” Candles are extinguished and a festive mood ensues. Shepherds compare notes, angels sing on high, a special baby is celebrated, his mother is praised and the whole Earth seems to come to life again. This year’s concerts will combine soaring motets of Palestrina, Corteccia, Sweelinck and Lassus with favorite carols. Jaakko Mäntyjärvi’s holiday story of Stefan the Stable Boy, written for us and first heard two years ago, will return “by popular demand.” A familiar gospel medley from the pen of Joseph Jennings will round out the evening. Of course, what would Christmas be without Biebl’s “Ave Maria”? Most importantly, what would Christmas be without you? When you celebrate this magical season with us, something special really does happen.

Salon Series: There will be an exceptional Christmas event on December 10th in our new home at Trinity Saint Peter's Episcopal Church where we will have an intimate candlelight evening. I will play the famous Skinner organ, and Christmas will be rung in with song and wassail. Think about it as a supplement to your Chanticleer Christmas.

Spacious Skies

March 16-21. 2019

Eighty years ago the caustic composer and critic Virgil Thomson described what it was like for a composer to write American music. He said, “…just be born in America and write music. It’s that easy!” But is it just that? Isn’t our American musical canvas vast? Our heritage magnificent? Spacious Skies will be a celebration of American music, from the raw, raunchy, Colonial spirit of William Billings through the backwoods of Appalachia, down the rolling Shenandoah, across the prairies and ending up in our own backyard. Barber, Rorem and Corigliano have been inspired by old worlds. Mason Bates, Peter Gabriel and Stephen Stucky have conquered newer ones. Gershwin, Weill, Blossom Dearie and the Andrews Sisters join in the musical parade as we raise our voices in song: patriotic, spiritual, sassy, romantic. Walt Whitman exclaimed, “I hear America singing.” In this program, we share his joy over and over again.

Salon SeriesOn March 21st, Music Director Fred Scott will host an intimate performance of Spacious Skies with refreshments and opportunity for mingling with us at a little known San Francisco Landmark: the historic former North End Police Station built in 1914 before the Pan Pacific International Exhibition. Audience will be limited to 50.

Sacred Ground

June 8-15, 2019

“Holiness is all around us.” We sing, as we have for forty years, about the joys of the kingdom, especially as they may be found on Earth. The Hebrew tradition says that Yahweh told Moses to take off his shoes, for “this is holy ground.” The African-American spiritual assures us “My God is a Rock,” and composers from Hassler to Victoria, Palestrina to Dufay have found musical comfort and inspiration from texts such as “Upon this Rock shall I build my church” or “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” The great English carol says, “King Jesus hath a garden.” Ours is filled with music from the Spanish Renaissance to Anglican chant, from Hebrew psalms to early American hymns. Keep your shoes on if you like, but know that we will be on holy ground.