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9th Annual Concert and Youth Choral Festival in Fairfield County, CT

Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
Produced by our longtime trustee and friend, Dudley Roski, our annual concert at St. Margaret’s Episcopal in New Canaan, and Youth Choral Festival in Darien now attract a faithful annual audience. Today we worked with choirs from Brewster, Darien, Staples and Westhill High Schools in a long and productive day, culminating with a short evening concert. The evening concert allows us to show off our work, and for the students to be supported by their families and friends. After the individual choirs had sung, and we had sung, we combined with all several hundred students for two tutti numbers – Monteverdi’s Si Ch’io vorrei morire, and Andre Thomas’ “Rockin’ Jerusalem.” We’re leaving tomorrow for Cincinnati. We hope that Connecticut gets its spring eventually.







The very hungry Caterpillar

Sunday, April 6th, 2014
Amusing contiguity there on the poster at SUNY Purchase where we performed in their really great recital hall for an enthusiastic audience enlivened by a group of students from Staples High School which will be with us on Wednesday at our Youth Choral Festival. Hungry we’re not really – we make sure to eat, and a caterpillar would not have been able to do our schedule since we came from the West Coast to Arlington, VA where we performed for a very happy group at the Army Navy Country Club. The following day we were at the Pullo Family Performing Arts Center in York, then the day after that in Purchase. Today was a return to South Church in New Britain. CT where an already lively audience was raucous in welcoming Marques back to Connecticut (he comes from Hartford.) Students from Litchfield also contributed to the energy of the audience. So that’s 4 concerts in a row, time for a day off before we sing in New Canaan on Tuesday night.





In the desert: we sing a concert, meet six choirs, and hang out with a legend

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Life is always fun in the California desert. We performed last night at St. Margaret’s our regular stop here for an enthusiastic audience which included Don Shelton, a legend in our world, and the father of our Trustee, Diane Parnes. Since Don sang in the Hi-Los, and Singers Unlimited with Gene Puerling ( genius arranger) we sang added Gene’s arrangement of “My Romance” to the program for Don. Today we had a ‘Choral Exhibition Day’ with choruses from Palm Desert High School, Cathedral City High School, Redlands High School and two college groups – Riverside city College Chamber Singers, and Cal State San Bernardino Chamber Singers. We introduced ourselves, warmed up together, did workshops with the choirs, and had a concert to conclude the day in which all of us sang. All of this organized by Craig Gahnz-Kuhar, Vocal Music Director at Palm Desert High School at the very new premises of P.D. High School, with support from the Friends of Saint Margaret’s music program. After that a bunch of us accepted Don Shelton’s invitation to come over, eat, drink, and listen to music. It was a huge amount of fun and inspiration to hear about Don’s career, listen to recordings of the Hi-Los and the numerous famous commercials he recorded, and just talk about it. We sang the great Gene Puerling arrangement of My Romance” which he had sung with Singers Unlimited for him again, and said goodbye until next time.

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Another regular stop: St. James by the Sea in La Jolla California

Sunday, March 30th, 2014
St. James has us back every year which is always a pleasure. It’s a familiar and fervent audience and such a location. Sun, sand, and Coastal Mexican food. Below you can see the sea which St. James is by. Tomorrow we go to St. Margaret’s in the desert. Southern California really is a miracle, except for the traffic caused by everybody enjoying the miracle. And earthquakes, although we haven’t felt one of the recent swarm yet.




Portland, O, lives up to its reputation

Friday, March 28th, 2014
It’s a well known fact that we love to come to Portland for the many enticements of the city, the food, the rain, the people, the food. And for the audience at Reed College where we are very lucky to be asked to perform every year by Friends of Chamber Music. Our Portland friends are probably the only ones to get the concert off to a roiling start by going bonkers over Hildegarde von Bingen. And it’s all up from there. This was the first outing for She Said/He Said since we sang it in Europe. We arrived in Portland yesterday for a party of friends and supporters organized by our Portland Trustee Steve Griffith. Bay Area based Trustee Ann Yvonne Walker was also there. Always nice to see our Board members on the road. Earlier today we went out to Pacific University for a masterclass with 5 members of a male a cappella group called Splendid Audacity.