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Great audience in Seattle includes some of our history

Saturday, April 25th, 2015
The Early Music Guild of Seattle had us to Town Hall tonight as the last event in their International Series.  We went back to our early music roots, added on some Russian, and ended with Swing Down Chariot.  In the audience were Doug Wyatt, one of the very first members of Chanticleer in l978, and Gabe Lewis-O’Connor ( and his wife and mother) who lives in Seattle now.   It’s always great to see people we’ve sung with along the way,  and really inspiring to see guys from Chanticleer’s beginning.         

Us and Portland.  It’s a beautiful thing

Friday, April 24th, 2015
Yesterday we took advantage of a day off to visit- among other beautiful natural sights – the Latourell Falls.  Rested and refreshed we started today at Tigard High School for a very enjoyable workshop with two of Sue Hale’s choirs.  This evening reunited us with the Portland audience we see every year, which never seems to get tired of us or of giving us fantastic standing ovations.  This year we’ll be back for Christmas.  Can’t wait.              

Revived and recovered, in Portland

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015
Those of you following us on social media will know that last week saw the unprecedent ( in all our 37 years)  cancellation of two concerts.  Enough of us were unwell enough so that we couldn’t sing in Cincinatti or Harrod’s Creek.  We truly regret that our wonderful presenters and audiences had to be disappointed.  Everybody concentrated on getting well and we performed in Lancasty, KY on Monday  night then came on to Portland, Oregon, where last night we performed at a party for present and future friends of Chanticleer, and a contingent of high school students, at a very beautiful house.  When we learn that we have 3 days in Portland, and that our free day falls here, we’re not unhappy!   Food trucks, beautiful destinations, nearby – all that will help our recovery.  Friday night we will perform, as we do annually, at Kaul Auditorium at Reed College for the Friends of Chamber Music.  Earlier that day we’ll do a workshop at Tigard High School.                          

The long April trek begins in the desert

Thursday, April 9th, 2015

April is the month with the longest tour (unless we go to Europe where we stay longer), and this one is no exception.  In the next three weeks we’ll be in California, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Oregon and Washington.  We started here in the beautiful California desert in Palm Desert with a Youth Choral Festival for six choirs hosted by Palm Desert High School.  Tonight we performed for the 7th time for the warm audience at St. Margaret’s in Palm Desert where the 7pm starting time offers the chance to watch day turn to night from the  picture windows. Tomorrow, Wickenburg, Arizona. 


Fantastic concert in Davies Hall ends 2015 National Youth Choral Festival

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Whew.  Today starting at 9am there were clinics, then each chorus plus LAB XIII sang 2-3 numbers in Davies for each other,  then there was a master class by Dolora Zajick with 3 auditioned singers, then onstage rehearsal of the pieces accompanied by pianists Ragnar Bohlin and Dwight Nakamura  (Rossini and Schubert) rehearsal with our very own youth symphony of the Larsson “God in disguise”, and rehearsal of the acapella pieces by Biebl, Zajick, Bucky, and Kulpaak, then the concert which included a tribute by Brian Hinman and standing o. for Eric on his 25th anniversary.   Hard to believe that these 4 super intense days are over.  We had a great time, and hope that our guests did as well.  We’ll do it again in 5 years!