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LAB XIII has triumphant finale in Pleasanton

Saturday, May 16th, 2015
The very hard working LAB XIII concluded its season tonight with a wonderful and much appreciated performance at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Pleasanton. Darita came along to support them.             LAB XIII’s main project was to be the lab choir for our National Youth Choral Festival in March – helping Ragnar Bohlin work with the visiting choir directors and in doing so learning a lot about the flexibility needed to sing under different conductors.  XIII also workshopped music of the finalists in our Student Composer Competition.  There are a number of LAB veterans in this group, with Toran Davenport in the lead.  He’s participated in 8 sessions and XIII was his last.  He’s now singing with the S.F. Symphony Chorus.   Many members of LAB XIII are going on to college all over the country, from Mt. Holyoke Mass, to Vancouver, and colleges in the Bay Area and elsewhere.   We wish them well, hope they keep singing, and hope we’ll see them along the way.

The Meyer Constellation Sound System at Oliveto

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015
Sound installations by the geniuses of Meyer Sound are beginning to be everywhere, Soundbox in San Francisco being one of the splashier openings lately.  They have also designed a system for restaurants which primarily serves to address the issue of noise in restaurants – a big issue these days.  In a restaurant with this acoustic system, you can hear your dining companions better, and everybody else less.  The system also has 9 settings to recreate acoustical settings in which music might be performed.   Last night we had a benefit for our education program in the East Bay at Oliveto one of the first Bay Area restaurants to install the system.  We demonstrated the Cathedral setting with Victoria and Byrd, the symphony hall setting with Poulenc, and the room ( perhaps a jazz club) setting with songs by Peter Gabriel, Gershwin, and others.   Many people professed themselves ‘blown away’ by the effect of hearing a cathedral reverb in the restaurant. Oliveto’s food was also very good, as it always is, and the company was great.  Perhaps we’ll do it again.   

Stanford invites us

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015
Late on a beautiful Friday afternoon we went down to Stanford as part of a University inititative to bring events of interest to the students into the Residence Halls.  Earlier and as part of the program, Education Director Ben Johns had worked with a student a capella group called the Fleet Street Singers ( whose roster includes a former LAB Choir singer who was in LABs II and VII.)  They provided a very high energy opening to our concert in Toron Hall.  We’re usually at Stanford once during the year, for our traditional Christmas concert at Memorial Church, and we played the new Bing Concert Hall a year ago.  It was fun to see a different season and setting there.     

Join us for an unusual event coming up at Oliveto

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015
We’re back from the Pacific Northwest – a favorite destination – where our Seattle concert garnered this very nice review.

After a brief Southern California-Colorado tour, we will appear at Oliveto Restaurant in Oakland to demonstrate the new Meyer Sound System which has been installed there in the interests both of ambient restaurant sound, but also the restaurant’s ability to present music.  It should be a fascinating experience all around.  It’s on May 12, there’s still space, and you can
join us for the fun and benefit Chanticleer’s East Bay education programs:

Great audience in Seattle includes some of our history

Saturday, April 25th, 2015
The Early Music Guild of Seattle had us to Town Hall tonight as the last event in their International Series.  We went back to our early music roots, added on some Russian, and ended with Swing Down Chariot.  In the audience were Doug Wyatt, one of the very first members of Chanticleer in 1978, and Gabe Lewis-O’Connor (and his wife and mother) who lives in Seattle now.   It’s always great to see people we’ve sung with along the way,  and really inspiring to see guys from Chanticleer’s beginning.