Lovely farewell to the Medieval Sculpture Court at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Monday, December 3rd, 2012
For Eric’s whole career with Chanticleer, we’ve been singing Christmas at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. All things come to an end, however, and tonight was our last pair of performances there. Fantastic atmosphere, fantastic friendly audience, and a tear or two. Jace sang gospel and Biebl with us, and we remembered so many wonderful moments- both individual and collective. We bid a very fond farewell to the great staff at the Museum – notably Mikel Franks who have been so kind and supportive over the years. A group of board members, donors, and supporters went on after the 6.30pm show to the Lotos Club for holiday festivity, while we were singing the 8.30pm and final show. .As we’ve said, we’ll still be in New York for Christmas, at St. Ignatius Loyola. Monday we’re off to Chicago for another Chanticleer Christmas tradition – two performances presented by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Here we are with our wonderful crew at the Met.


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  1. Rett Zabriskie says:

    I have spent 47 years working in the Church/ecumenical interface with the world and my hunch is that political correctness and avoidance of Jesus at Christmas is the cause of this ending, as it has been of others. If so, it is sad – for the Met! Be assured of my deep appreciation for Chanticleer’s integrity about Christmas and my presence at St. Ignatius in years to come.

  2. Mikel Frank says:

    I was there at the beginning, 22 years ago and have always looked forward to seeing my friends and listening to them sing in the wonderfully acoustic Medieval Sculpture Hall. What a great bunch of guys!!! I wish all our concerts were so easy to manage. I will miss you for sure.

  3. Jim Colica says:

    A wonderful final concert at the Met. We hope it was not the Met that caused this 21 year run to end. As a sponsor to the Met, we would be seriously disappointed in them for removing this concert from their venue..was it the need for a larger venue at St Ignatius? Economics? Very curious since we have been going to this event for 21 years!

  4. Joanne Giba says:

    Like Jim Colica, a friend of mine, I also have been attending your Christmas concerts at MMA for 21 years. I love the venue of the Medieval Sculpture Hall with its glorious Christmas tree and statues. It truly is a reigious experience. Your final concert, as always, was very much a tear jerker for me for many reasons. It makes the ‘unreserved’ seating and waiting in line so worth it. I’ve even made many friends that way, saying ‘see you next year, Joanne’. Please promise me I will get my one lowly ticket in 2013. God Bless You All!

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