Preparing for tomorrow night; breaking news exclusive to blog readers!

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Tomorrow night at the Oakland Cathedral we unveil our new program "The Boy Whose Father was God" – almost all music new to our repertoire.  There will be a surprise for our audiences in Oakland and on Sunday in Sacramento.  Read on.   We had a dress rehearsal there yesterday, attended by Peter Michaelides, composer of Force IX-Collage – one of the world premieres.

Peter Michaelides and Matt Oltman confer.  Peter gives us his notes after hearing his piece for the first time.

The dress rehearsal went pretty well – although a number of us had been sick lately.

The most frequently asked question of us is, what happens when somebody is sick?  Our answer – always delivered with considerable confidence- is – we sing anyway.

Well this week laryngitis has taken Eric Alatorre's voice entirely – a very rare occurrence. Eric always refers to his vocal role as being the foundation of the house.  So we are, for this weekend, anyway, without a foundation.   Matt Oltman had the idea of replacing some of that sonic structure with a cello.  Laura McLellan ( who sings with us at Sonoma, sometimes ushers for us, and plays the cello) has turned up overnight to rehearse today for this unusual moment.  In order to be free to perform with us this weekend she had to be replaced in her choir in Petaluma by Jenny Bent – also a Chanticleer in Sonoma participant.  It's good to have friends.

Eric is presently communicating only in writing.

We'll be fine – and it will be an interesting experience for us, and we hope, for our audience.  You, our faithful blog readers, are the first to know!

2 Responses to “Preparing for tomorrow night; breaking news exclusive to blog readers!”

  1. Judy Walker says:

    what a terrific opportunity Laura. I bet you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Curt says:

    I attended the performance in Oakland tonight (3/26). I was disappointed to hear about Eric, but glad that he participated as much as he did. The group sounded great. I was pleasantly surprised with the sound in the cathedral – it is very bright and bouncy. This worked very well for the group and the music. All in all a most memorable evening. Thanks to all!

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