South Orange, New Jersey

Thursday, November 29th, 2012
A bit strange to be having a bus tour in the middle of Christmas, but here we are between performances at the Met riding around. Tonight’s Christmas concert was in the South Orange Performing Arts Center ( a combination movie theater and 400 seat concert hall) which, not long ago, had provided a lighted space and wifi for the community which was badly hit by Sandy. A full house of fans seemed very happy to see us. some friends and family came out…Mike’s 4 week old niece Harper ( attending her first Chanticleer concert with his brother and sister and law). And Lots of people who know Matt Knickman from his many performances around here, as well as his parents who were recalling taking him at 16 to see a Chanticleer concert which gave him the idea of joining us. A very nice reception featured a drink called Sparkling Chanticleer – prosecco, pear and cranberry juice.









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  1. Korey says:

    I was SO honored to finally hear Chanticleer live. I’m so sad I’ll be away when you are performing in NYC this holiday season. I actually cried. I’m an adult male….and I cried….not kidding :-(

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