We felt the love at Walt Disney Concert Hall

Saturday, December 21st, 2013
This is our 10th Christmas at Walt Disney Concert Hall – we started the year the hall opened. Walt Disney ( which we can see from our hotel rooms) is across the street from MOCA and the Colburn School and now Eli Broad’s new museum is going up next door. After a couple of recessionary years, Disney was a few seats shy of full this year, and those people are wild! Yelling out ‘we love you.’ participating in the gospel, insisting on two encores – a very high energy evening which is very welcome as we round the bend to the end of 2013′s Christmas tour.



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  1. Michael Worthing says:

    My first and hopefully not last opportunity to hear you in person. Wonderful performance, moving and inspiring. The couple that invited us informed me you conduct workshops for college and high school singers. I’m part of local junior college chamber singers (40 years after first singing in the choir at the same school) and I think it we might try to arrange something like that for the students here in Bakersfield. Thanks for demonstrating what I possible with the human voice.

  2. From the moment you entered the stage, my heart melted and I was elevated to a higher place. Everything about your group represents the best of humanity, of erudite elegance, and of masculine beauty. Your performance was not only intellectual, but also emotional in a very primal way. Your performance epitomized devotion, sophistication, love and grounded compassion. As I listened to you all as a group, I felt transformed to a more spiritual realm.

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