Chanticleer proves that the human voice is truly the king of instruments
— Christian Science Monitor

Chanticleer is in its 40th year of operation as a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, raising from contributions half of the funds necessary to support our “orchestra of voices” and our core commitment to singing, educating and creating our alluring brand of sound well into the future in a sustainable, systematic and structurally sound way.

As a supporter you ensure that we can:

  • Preserve and steward the “Chanticleer sound” by assuring full-time employment for Chanticleer's singers and Music Director
  • Bolster our outreach to our local, regional, national and international audiences
  • Continue to serve over 5,000 students per year in our award winning education program, includes through the Louis A. Botto (LAB) Choir and Bay Area and national Youth Choral Festivals.
  • Maintain our established leadership in the creation of new works and arrangements that expand the choral repertoire.
  • Leverage new and existing technologies to broaden our music distribution, increase earned revenue and enhance our brand eminence and philanthropic value.

With your generous support, we will sustain Chanticleer as the incandescent “Orchestra of Voices” that moves us and transports us.