Officially, the 11-12 season ( our 34th) started on August 10 in Germany with 12 engagements in six European countries (you can read about it on this blog.)  The season always really starts for us, however, when we make the rounds of our Bay Area venues and the audiences who have been with us for so long. Some since the beginning!  An evening at the SF Conservatory was followed by the mission at Santa Clara.  Along with people who have the most amazingly long memories of Chanticleer and everyone who's ever been part of it, were about half of LAB 5 who had rehearsed all day in San Francisco then come on down to see us.


Usually when we go up to Sacramento we can count on one of two things - it will be extremely hot, or it will be raining (Christmas).  Yesterday was a divinely beautiful day for "Love Story" at St. Francis of Assisi.

Back to the SF Conservatory this Wednesday evening, San Luis Obispo on Sunday, then...Canada, Maine, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Idaho.  Come see us, wherever you are!