It's been kind of epic since Christmas, if we remember back to when we had to drive from Connecticut to Michigan because of snow, various personnel changes, the very, very big National Youth Choral Festival and so much more.  We've been taking Spanish Gold around the Bay Area to finish it all off - Mission Dolores, St, Francis in Sacramento and St. Stephens in Belvedere - the latter for the first time.  Fred has been extremely impressed with the attentiveness and appreciation for Renaissance music of our Bay Area audiences.  We've known this for 37 years, but it's all new to Fred and he's really awestruck.   Before we take vacation–which is before we go to Europe in July–we're going to have the pleasure of recording a track on an album Leslie Ann Jones is producing at Skywalker Sound.   Then, we'll see you in Austria.  Thanks to everybody for all the support this season.