Yesterday's rehearsal was a good, hard-working session.  The rehearsal began with a survey of 6 philosophical camps of choral music.  Since the function of the Lab Choir is to respond to the gesture of different conductors, it's useful for the Lab Choir to recognize the background of differing choral aesthetics.  As the rehearsal proceeded we identified which rehearsal technique supported which camp.  My goal is to have them recognize and respond instantaneously by next Saturday.

We drilled a lot of those difficult spots in Jubilate Deo a 8 - we can't be flexible without a firm foundation.  Amazingly, the ensemble is coming together.  Not many high school groups can put together a concert in four rehearsals!  Our last one will be next Sunday.
Did I tell you I have an assistant for this project? She is Annie Kubitschek from Miramonte High School in Orinda ( middle row on the left in the photo, below). Her goal is to be a music educator, so she is observing this process, and I've been meeting with her to let her see what goes into a rehearsal preparation.  She'll get the chance to lead a small part of the rehearsal next week for some hands-on experience.

More soon.