A total of 757 students got to hear Chanticleer live in the first ever day of Youth Concerts at Lick-Wilmerding.  Back in the Fall I paid a visit to Lick-Wilmerding's choir.  I dropped the idea of doing youth concerts, their choir director, Tim Erickson, offered use of the theater on campus, and the rest is history.  Three one-hour lecture concerts targeted each of the three general school levels, Elementary, Middle, and High School.  Among the schools who came: Alvarado Elementary, West Portal Elementary, Bayshore Elementary, Garnet J. Robertson Intermediate, North Shoreview Montessori, Hoover Middle, Pacific Boychoir Academy, Mission High, International Studies High, El Camino High, Galileo Academy, and (of course) Lick-Wilmerding High School.

Each concert was tailored to fit the age and ability of the students.  Since all of the elementary school students take music classes and they seemed eager to sing along, we had the students at the morning session sing something for us.  It's so great to see bright eyes of kids from our neighborhood as we share in singing!  We left time for questions (there were some really good ones!) and we mixed a little at the end of the concert.