.. and here is the Mission Santa Clara where we sang two concerts on Tuesday which were beyond sold out - in fact we had to turn away about 30 people for the second performance. We're sorry about that! The Missions provide us with very special moments on our Christmas tour; this was no exception. We went on to the Performing Arts Center in Livermore ( which we like a lot- the was our first time doing Christmas there) last night for the last of a long and wonderful series of 26 concerts this year! From the audience response and the notes you write us, we think that we've achieved our Christmas wish to offer you moments of serenity and joy this season.
Today, Christmas Eve, we're spreading out to all the places we come from - home for the holidays to see friends and family, recover from the Christmas tour, and rest up for what's to come in the New Year - hoping that those of us heading towards the MidWest won't be too much delayed today.

We look forward to seeing you in January- we'll be back on the 11th to prepare for our winter European tour to France, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic ( the Rudolfinum for the first time!), Slovakia ( for the first time!), Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Latvia, and Germany. It will be quite a ride, so join us. Meantime, best wishes for great holiday season. from all of us here at Chanticleer. Thanks for following along with us, and for your terrific support.