A long day yesterday brought us to Macau, a place none  of us has seen before, to perform 2 concerts for the Macau International Festival - a Chanticleer debut.  Having been part of some massive airport lines in Taipei and Shanghai over the previous few days, we left early for Pudong Airport.  Nobody was there, and we had 3+ hours to wait around. Fortunately there are entertainments in that airport and the time passed.  Our flight to Hong Kong was delayed an hour, so we arrived in time for the last ferry to Macau, which leaves from the Hong Kong airport.  Any fears any of us may have had about how the bags would get from Shanghai to the Macau ferry without our seeing them were allayed, when we and our bags arrived In Macau after a short enjoyable ferry ride during which we were served spaghetti bolognese.   In the hotel by midnight!