It was in 2003 that we last  appeared in Taipei's magnificent National Concert Hall, built in l987.  We were here before in l991, 1994, and 1997.   Eric was on all of those trips, and he was very happy to be back at the National Concert Hall, one of his favorites, and was ready to enjoy the legendary food here. 

While many of us went to the National Palace Museum this morning, Fred and Eric did a radio interview.  The evening started with dumplings backstage, warmup ( during which Fred took up position at the organ which he would love to have played,)  then Over the Moon.  We were in fact over the moon to see the faces of Susan and Dennis Carlyle  (Susan's on our Board) smiling up at us from the second row.  They have a charming habit of popping over to various parts of the world where we are singing and surprising us.  An autograph session followed the concert.  Tomorrow evening we will do a masterclass for three choirs.  Thanks to Ferdinand Ting of the Taipei Philharmonic Foundation for bringing us, and William Chang (at right in the first picture) for being our indefatigable guide.