Looking out at this, our largest Christmas audience, we are extra aware of the number of Christmas traditions of which we are a part:  families starting their celebration with our concert as they always do, board members, former board members, supporters, subscribers, people who sang with Louis Botto and have seen us from the very beginning, and many more including some who have never heard us before.  One tradition of which we are pleased to be a part is that of Napa High School.  Our soprano and Assistant Music Director Kory Reid is an alumnus of that school and its choral program under the legendary Travis Rogers.  Every year when their own program is finished, they pile on a bus and come to see our St. Ignatius concert in a large group which includes singers,  who have participated in our youth choral festivals ( as Kory did when he was in high school)  and singers who have never heard us live.   When they arrived this time they did a little caroling on the steps to the delight of our arriving audience.