Mahler's favorite corner of Italy is also one of ours.  In the memory of most of the ensemble, we've found ourselves in Brixen/Bressanone 3 times in the last few years, both summer and winter, and have made friends - many familiar faces in the audience.  Our community sing + concert in Aosta and Val Gardena in 2012 was a blast.  Samuel Runggaldier ( who organized it) and friends always come to our concerts when we're in the neighborhood and are very audibly enthusiastic.  Tolbach, site of tonight's concert,  75 minutes from Brixen,  has a festival in honor of Gustav Mahler who  spent the summers of l908-10 there.    The Sala/Saal Gustav Mahler is a really great acoustical room, and our first outing of the tour seemed to be a hit.  We put 3 Mahler songs into The Gypsy in My Soul in his honor.  It rained in Tolbach, and the heatwave may have broken.  Tomorrow night Spanish Gold in the Cathedral in Brixen.