As has become our habit, we our new program ( Over the Moon ) on its feet in front of an audience today at St. Mark's Lutheran which is gracious enough to allow us to perform their lovely sanctuary with a really nice acoustic.  The audience were friends, family, our faithful ushers, and other invited guests who are, of course, rather pre-disposed to like us!  This was the world premiere of Nico Muhly's Pierrot Lunaire pieces for us, the revivals of Mason Bates; "Observer in the Magellanic Cloud"  and Stephen Paulus' "The Lotus Lovers" and our first performances of "The Tide Rises, the Tide Falls" by another favorite composer, Jaakko Mantyjarvi. Not to mention new arrangements of moon-related popular songs "Moon River"  ( arr Jace Wittig) and "Fly me to the Moon ( arr. Evan Price.)   Our first 2015-16 stop will be in Santa Clara at the mission on Saturday night. 



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