We have the long weekend off, four weeks into preparing two programs "Over the Moon" and "Washing of the Water,"  the latter our sacred program for this year.   Usually we don't need the sacred program until a bit later, but we will do both programs for the Macao International Festival on our forthcoming Asian tour in October, so both need to be ready just about now.  "Over the Moon" will have its first performances around the Bay Area starting September l9 in San Francisco.

We are proud to say that 25 young  singers from all over the Bay Area will participate in the Louis A. Botto ( LAB) Choir session XIV.  The program was started in 2010 and this is the fourteenth session. There are two five hour sessions this weekend, then every Saturday until the end of October when their performance season  will start.  Their concert program, like ours, features music about the moon.  LAB Choir Director Ben Johns has accepted Darita's offer to help when he's not on the road and he started today as well.