This lovely space was jam packed for our concert tonight, including in the audience students from the three choirs we worked with this morning:  Farragut H.S. ( alma mater of Brian Hinman,) Powell High School, and Hardin Valley Academy.  Kory's grandparents and Brian's mother were in the audience.  The high school choirs in Tennessee are of a very high level;  Kory, Marques and Chris enjoyed working with them.  Powell High School ( whose director Jim Kennedy meets Fred, below) came to our National Youth Choral Festival last year.  Jim frequently plays Chanticleer recordings as a learning tool for his choir at their 7.30am rehearsals ( every day.)   As we approach our 40th anniversary, it's wonderful to think that so many kids grow up listening to Chanticleer.  Everyone who auditions for us has experienced us in one way or another in his school years, and all over the US there are choir directors like Jim who use us as an example.   An achievement of which we're very proud.