We say it every year and every year it's true - going north across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sonoma county to sing our annual pair of concerts in Petaluma, is like coming home for Christmas.  Petaluma is famous for the lighting on its Victorian houses and its Christmas spirit. The audience always feels very familiar - and many of them are.  This was the first outing of our 'short' Christmas program which we do twice in the evening in Petaluma, Carmel, and Santa Clara.   The 'long' full-tilt program with intermission happens in San Francisco, Sacramento, Berkeley, Oakland, Palo Alto and San Diego, and the intermediate intermission-less length is for Saint Ignatius Loyola and Walt Disney Concert Hall.  For those of you not on the W. Coast for a live concert, the broadcast version is now running, probably on a national public radio station near you.