That was how the guide on the Universal Studios tour train described us to the tourists as we crossed their path after our taping this afternoon at the Studio's back lot, where Hallmark makes Home and Family. That show will be on the air tomorrow (Thursday morning) at 10am (9 central) and Friday at noon.  We think.  Check your local listings.  We opened the show with "il est ne le divin enfant",  sang "O Come all ye Faithful" in the middle, and closed the show with "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas".   The staff and talent were great to us and proclaimed us awesome.  We arrived in the funny little fake village at around 9am and did a rehearsal where Logan warmed up his high A-flat (which subsequently wowed everybody within hearing).  Then we sat for a while, some playing Euchre, then we had lunch and it started raining pretty heavily.  Which is pertinent because the stage for our appearances was outdoors.  The audience–consisting of actors in a show called The Bay, some of whom we recognized from other shows–was moved back indoors and watched on monitors.  Lucky for us, former ensemble member Casey Breves and our friend Amy Bryan turned up and stood in the rain to watch us.  Then we waited for the taping of "O come all ye faithful", sang it, then waited some more for the end.  Then we ran for Burbank airport and got home in time to catch a little rest before Santa Clara tomorrow night and San Francisco Friday night.  A good day!