We're just off to Chicago ( and everybody's favorite Tapas place in the entire world) today after an intense 5 day run in New York and New Jersey.  After we finally got to Newark, we performed at St. Mary's Abbey in Delbarton in Morristown, NJ for an appreciave audience.  The next day we drove into New York for our first of two at Saint Ignatius Loyola, our home in New York City.  ( We'll be back there in April for our first non-Christmas show there.). Saturday we ran out to South Orange, NJ for a return to the South Orange Performing Arts Center.  Sunday was a double header starting with our performance at Saint Ignatius Loyola- where there was not a seat to be had - even limited view chairs were needed.  So many familiar faces and friends; it's wonderful.  After that our annual Christmas party at the Lotos Club was attended by 92 people.  We came by for the cocktail hour to see our board members and supporters who were there, and then went to do a private engagement nearby which was very enjoyable.  Our time in  in New York is always intense, and always fun, and really convinces us that it is indeed Christmas.


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