You all know that we see lots and lots of students in workshops and masterclasses around the country as we travel, host Youth Choral Festivals in San Francisco, and are very proud of our Louis A. Botto (LAB) Choir program.  In addition to all that, about half a dozen times a year, students who are on choir trips to San Francisco come to our headquarters, the Kanbar Center, for workshops.  A 40 strong group from Coon Rapids, MN was here today, working with Education Director Ben Johns.  They had come to our performance last night at the Green Center in Sonoma as well.  Perhaps we'll cross paths again when we perform in Minneapolis in October.  We're very fond of all things Minnesota - St. Paul Sunday Morning was a big boost to our career in the early days, we've done Prairie Home Companion a few times, and American Public Media carries our Christmas program every year.