Yesterday, with our staff in attendance,  we ran through our program for Bolivia which includes music from the 17th and l8th century  Bolivian and Mexican archives.  It will be accompanied by Fred on the portatif organ, and by us with various percussion instruments.  The music is of a surpassing beauty - as those of you have have been on the Mission Road with us here in California know.  Joining over 100 musicians from 20+ countries around the world for the unique Festival de las Chiquitas in Bolivia will a big adventure.  Our participation is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State via the Embassy in La Paz, and the Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation.   We travel to Miami this afternoon, the a nightflight to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, via La Paz.  Our first concert will be at San Roque in Santa Cruz, then we proceed to the Missions of Concepcion and San Javier, part of the mission chain known as las Chiquitas.  These two missions are UNESCO world heritage sites.  As the wi-fi permits, we'll be in touch.   When we come home we will be repeating this program in six of the California missions, and we hope to see many of you there.