We arrived in Santa Cruz via Miami and La Paz on Friday morning and have been sleeping, sightseeing, eating, and going to concerts in the Festival de los Chiquitos.  Fr. Piotr Nawrot, founder of the festival and our host, told us over a very nice lunch how long he has been looking forward to having us here.  The officers from the U.S. Embassy in La Paz have been similarly welcoming, saying that they have been trying for 16 years to bring it about.  Tonight some of us attended the concert of the Orquestra y Coro Arkaender, created around the Festival, mixed with students from the Royal College of Music, London.  Our turn tomorrow night when we will give our Mission Road performance for the first time in the church of San Roque at 9pm, before taking it on the road to the Missions of Concepcion and San Javier.