After a night with intermittent heavy rains on our roofs, we enjoyed breakfast at our hotel in Concepcion, tried out the hammocks, and moved on to San Javier.  It became immediately apparent that the slight cooling trend predicted was a massive - we mean it- drop in temperature accompanied by high winds.  Lunch had been scheduled outdoors.  Those ( mainly Alan) who had been smart enough to bring blankets from the hotel to use as serapes were happier than those who hadn't.  We expected to be a little cooler by Tuesday, but not to be freezing.  It seems to have been an exceptional event.   In any case, after an afternoon of rest we reported to the mission, more or less across the street, to warm up for our concert, followed by a dinner which was relocated indoors.  We had abandoned our big drum in San Francisco since it wouldn't fit in any of our luggage, but a drum appeared here, and added a lot to the dignity of the processional.  The portatif organ here is the one which was made in Bolivia, and of which Fr. Piotr is very proud.   Again a lovely audience, people who knew and mouthed the words of our processional in Quechua.  Maybe fewer than might have come if it were not so arctic outside, but enough to warm the very beautiful first Jesuit mission in Bolivia.  Peter Brennan, his wife, and others from the U.S. Embassy in La Paz followed our tour faithfully.  We are very grateful for the support of the U.S. Embassy for our participation in the festival, and for the staff - notably Fabiola and Johanna who had it organized to a T from the get-go and who, with Mary, accompanied us every step.   San Javier ended our little whirlwind tour.  While short, it will be unforgettable.