We've been away from WI-Fi for a few days, so here's the story of our jam-packed and thrilling last two days going from Santa Cruz, Bolivia, to the Missions of Concepcion and San Javier where there is a rich and fascinating history–musical, architectural, and human.  The story of these missions resonates with us;  for all of Chanticleer's history we have been singing in California's missions and since the 90's, with the help of Dr. Craig H. Russell, bringing to light music from the mission period.  The concert we have just performed here features music from the Bolivian archives, exhumed and edited by Fr. Piotr Nawrot, founder of the festival for which we have been performing.   You can read the story on our website, or, better yet, come to a performance in one of six California missions in May. 

On Monday morning we woke up in Santa Cruz to find that rainy season had started and a drop in temperature was predicted.  We reported for our bus to Concepcion (appx 5 hours away) at 10am. For one reason or another–the kind of travel things that happen once or twice a year somewhere on our journey–the bus didn't leave until after noon.   We arrived in Concepcion at about quarter to seven, dropped the bags in a charming hotel replete with many hammocks, and ran to the mission to rehearse.   A brief dinner,  back to the mission for the concert and after a number of speeches–including by the American Charge d'Affaires in Bolivia–the program commenced at about 8.50pm.  A rapt audience greeted it with great enthusiasm, and a long day came to a rewarding end.