Our final concert series, following soon upon the end of Mission Road, is an all sacred/spiritual program called Washing of the Water which audiences so far are enjoying enormously, it seems.  We've sung it in Berkeley and San Francisco in the summer cool, with roasting Sacramento tomorrow.  The age-old symbol of the River is the heart of this program, and we hope you will hear it.  Along with beautiful music from the Renaissance, Mason Bates' wonderful arrangement of the eponymous song, new arrangements by Vince Peterson of two Leonard Cohen songs, by Brian Hinman of How I got Over/Bridge over Troubled Waters, and by Fred of Shall we Gather at the River are featured.  Deep River, Shenandoah, and I been in the storm too long are also obviously crowd-pleasers. 

Washing of the Water concludes our Bay Area season next week in Belvedere and San Jose. THEN the following week we will welcome close to 70 adult choral singers from all over the country for our Chanticleer in Sonoma summer workshop- a very fun thing we do biannually.  Five days of big choir singing under Fred's direction, small ensembles under ours, and lots of special interest sessions also conducted by ensemble members.