Our little tour of New England came to a wonderful end in Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood - one of our favorite places to perform.  As if to salute the last airing of our "Over the Moon" program which has traveled the globe this year, the international space station passed over Tanglewood as we were finishing. A great but bittersweet evening, topped off  by a lovely supper offered by the festival.  Bittersweet because it was the last performance for tenors Michael Bresnahan and Blake Morgan, and countertenor Darita Seth.  We'll introduce you to their replacements on August 8, when the 16-17 season begins.  Just before that, though, we'll be documenting our very successful education program, Skills/LAB under the direction of Ben Johns.

Our primary responsibility as members of Chanticleer is to keep ourselves fit to execute the extensive performing schedule we have.  Each of us has his own routines and rituals which enable him to do all the traveling and singing that we do.  Still - there's free time when we can enjoy all the parts of the world we are privileged to see.  It has been a treat to drive around New England and sample much of what it has to offer.  Vermont-where we made our debut at the Arkell Pavillion at the South Vermont Arts Center ( below)  offered the opportunity of horseback riding - we leave you to decide who among us had never been on a horse before. There we split up and stayed in inns, and were treated to lovely hospitality.  Last time we were in Tanglewood it rained, which is very hard on the people who sit outside on the lawn.  This year it was hot and beautiful, the lawn crowd was big, and the house was sold out.