The season begins for us when new singers arrive, we start rehearsal,  have our new photos done. The latter always includes the first suiting up of new singers into our white tie outfits.  Eric is the master teacher where bowties are concerned.  We're rehearsing two programs now - "My Secret Heart" and "Washing of the Water" - coming soon to someplace near you!  September 17 we start here in the Bay Area.  We're very happy to welcome countertenor Logan Shields, and tenors Chris Albanese and Andy Van Allsburg; they're taking to Chanticleer so far as ducks to water.  "My Secret Heart" contains a new commission by Jaakko Mantyjarvi on poetry by Edith Sodergran, and a number of new commissions, including one by our own countertenor Adam Ward.  Both of these programs will travel far, including for a month in Europe in the winter.