The Tri-Valley area is to the east of us and includes Pleasanton and Livermore.  Last night we made our Pleasanton debut at St. Augustine's Church for a lively band of fans from that area and parishioners of the church.  LAB has preceded us there with three performances presented by Our Board Member Elaine Snyder who also threw a reception beforehand for new members of the Tri-Valley Friends of Chanticleer. A beautiful evening there - the only downside is having to cross the now infamous Bay Bridge whose traffic condition runs the lives of everybody in our area. We sang our new program My Secret Heart.  It's always gratifying to get a big reaction to the new or newer pieces on the program:  "Hommage a Edith' by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (2016) and "Love Songs" by Augusta Read Thomas (1997). Both our new tenors, Chris Albanese and Andy Van Allsburg, have solos on the program, so our audiences are getting to know them very quickly.