This was our fourth time in Thomasville, where we've always basked in the famous Georgia hospitality.  This time there was an extra layer because Fred was born to a distinguished family right here, has many many cousins, a brother and inlaws,  and everybody knows him. People, including sister Martha who gave us the party the other night, came down from Atlanta. ( that's 4-5 hours on the road.)  Our performance was in the Thomasville Center for the Arts which was once Fred's elementary school.  That school became the arts center and was replaced by a new elementary school named for Fred's grandfather.  You get the picture.  Brian gave a nice speech about Fred - how we came to know him and came to ask him to be our Music Director - and a lovely and convivial reception was had.   Home tomorrow via Tallahassee and Atlanta to be in closer solidarity with everyone - including many we know - affected by the fires in Napa and Sonoma.