This post might be filed with "Epically horrible travel days', or a day in the life of Tour manager Brian Hinman and Operations Manager Curt Hancock, what we will do to get to a concert, or Thank God this isn't happening during Christmas (fingers crossed.)

On Wednesday we had a good time performing at Christ Presbyterian Church in Canton, Ohio. The next day—Thursday—we drove to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, to perform in the First Presbyterian Church.  Our Board member Elaine Snyder comes from Fort Wayne and had flown there to accompany her 97-year-old aunt Zenda Bateman (a fan of ours) to the concert, along with brother Kenton, and cousin Amy.  We're always happy to be in the heartland, where so many of us come from, and to meet the families of our staff, board, and fellow singers when they turn up.  That was all very lovely indeed.  The following day looked to be an odd but uneventful trajectory from Fort Wayne to Providence from which we would run out to Westerly, RI the next day for a 6pm concert.  We'll just let you read Curt Hancock's report in his typically (and much appreciated) phlegmatic voice:  

Curt:  the flight out of Ft. Wayne was canceled due to mechanical problems.  It was connecting in Chicago, but even if they drove to Chicago they couldn’t have made the flight and the only option out of Chicago would have been a flight arriving Boston tomorrow at 2pm.  And that would have been cutting it close. So I’ve booked nine of them on a Delta flight out of Detroit tomorrow at 7:20am (Detroit is only a couple of hours from Ft. Wayne).  That arrives Boston at 9:15am, giving them plenty of time, as long as the flight’s on time, to get to Westerly. Unfortunately, there weren’t enough seats on the nonstop to Boston so three of them are on a non-stop to Providence.  But that doesn’t arrive Providence until 2:15pm.  Still should be fine as long as it’s on time. The performance time in Westerly is unusually early, 6pm, giving us a little less flexibility with day-of flights. End of the story.  Both flights arrived in time, and the performance in Westerly went on.  Tomorrow we will fly home to San Francisco to begin preparation for Christmas - interrupted only by a run-out to Ann Arbor, MI to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of the U of Michigan Glee Club.  That will be fun.