Zach ( in his first year of experiencing such things) recounts:

We were all glad to come together again last night  - after separate travel trajectories from Ft Wayne -for the last concert of this tour in Westerly, RI. A homemade meal and the sense of relief of being together for this concert was all we needed after early  morning flights in middle seats, and then the drive to Rhode Island! The concert Itself went off without a hitch, lulling us into a false sense that our world had returned to normal.

We went into our dressing room at  intermission to find  airline notifications that our departing flight from Providence, RI to Newark, NJ the next day was cancelled, implying also that we had a good chance of missing our connecting flight to San Francisco. At that  point all we could do was laugh about it, go back on stage and finish the  program for our extraodinarily receptive audience. I am sure that the mysterious cake that showed up on the table helped take some of the edge off! By the time we had met and greeted the audience post concert, and gone back to the hotel  we all had new travel arrangements thanks to the magic that was worked by both Brian and Curt (again!).

Emotions during these sagas range from dejection to elation! 

Coming home today in two groups, with enough time for us to enjoy a day off at home before starting rehearsals for Christmas.  Hoping that we have worked off any bad travel karma which may have been waiting for us.  We can't wait to begin Christmas on Thanksgiving weekend in Virginia.