Actually we're exaggerating a bit.  Hurricane Nate is passing to the west of us, causing a fair amount of rain today, but nothing to write home about.  A big and very concentrated crowd arrived under umbrellas and filled Spivey Hall for "Heart of a Soldier."  It seems to be a program that affects people one way or another; a number of veterans have offered appreciation.  Sam Dixon, the longtime ED/AD of Spivey Hall, ended the evening with a tribute to Eric - who has been appearing with Chanticleer in Spivey since Spivey was built- accompanied by a nice bottle of wine.  Eric made a nice speech, thanking Sam, the Spivey crew, supporters, and audience.  It was an afternoon concert, leaving time for a family gathering offered by Fred's sister Martha.  Good food, football on the TV, and dogs gave us a little respite from life in hotel rooms and roadside restaurants.  Thanks, Martha!