Even though we're seriously embarked upon our Christmas season, we couldn't resist the invitation from the University Musical Society at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, to take a small break from Christmas prep, give  a concert, sing a song with the University Glee Club, and lend Fred to give a talk as part of their Symposium on a capella singing.  It happens that the first half of our Heart of a Soldier program ( particularly moving to give on Veterans' Day) ends with a chorus from Jennifer Higdon's "Cold Mountain" written to be sung by many more male voices than 12.  Jennifer adapted it for us, but we were thrilled to sing the real thing with the Glee Club men.  The day started- also in the beautiful l913 Hill Auditorium- with an hour of singing and explaining things for 1400 students who came from all over - some an hour away.  They were a great audience, as was the evening crowd.  We have a long and happy history with the University Musical Society, and we hope it will go on and on.