We're settled into the Beacon Hotel—on Broadway, across the street from Fairway—slightly puzzled by all the Christmas decorations in the unseasonal temperatures. It's always nice to see snow when you're singing about it, but not this year. Our fifth concert of this Christmas took place in the magnificent St. Ignatius Loyola on Park Avenue in New York City, which resembles in its grandeur St. Ignatius in San Francisco where we will end this Christmas season on December 23. Our New York audience is a familiar one, many Been coming for the 30+ years that we've been doing Christmas in New York. Our public radio Christmas program is now recorded in St. Ignatius and will be broadcast on stations around the country throughout the month.

Tomorrow we'll bus out to Westhampton for an evening concert, then back to Manhattan for another at St. Ignatius followed by our annual dinner at the Lotos Club to which a number of our board members, former board members and donors come from San Francisco to join East Coast friends.

Logan (below, partaking of the backstage pre-concert lasagna and caesar salad at St. Ignatius) has been looking forward to putting all he learned on his first touring season with Chanticleer last year into practice on this second. And, knowing the ropes, enjoying it even more. Logan will spend his Christmas break in his new town: San Francisco.