Another audience with whom we go way back, and who go back before us - like the woman there tonight who sang with Louis before he ever founded Chanticleer.  She, like others who knew our founder, say that he would not be at all surprised that we are now 40 and thriving.  Apart from an alarm going off during intermission, it was a peaceful and happy evening among friends with every seat full.  We're happy to be back at First Congregational from which we've been absent since extensive fire damage the year before last.   While we do everything we can to sing for as many people as possible for Christmas, we have always stopped on the 23rd, enabling us to enjoy the holidays too.  Andy is looking forward to going home to Michigan.  It's the first Christmas in six years on which he hasn't been working, for instance when he was part of the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show.  Matt Knickman will be splitting his time between Philadelphia and Portland, Oregon.