The last concert of Christmas 2017 in St. Ignatius was extra special in a number of ways.  It was the last of  23 concerts which all went very well,   the trees around the altar were illuminated, and it was Eric's last ever Christmas concert, including his last Biebl Ave Maria.  He estimates that he's sung around 2,000 of those  in his Chanticleer career - bound to be a world record.  Eric's now going to spend Christmas at home with his wife Dorothee and daughters Mia and Clara, and his Dorothee's  parents here from Germany.  We were very happy tonight to see original Chanticleer singer Rob Bell in the audience.  He often comes to concerts , but today he had been released from the hospital after a successfu surgery at noon, so it was amazing of him to come.  It was around Rob's dining room table that Chanticleer was formed, in l978.  We're all off now for our respective Christmas breaks - sending you all best wishes for happy holidays, and all the best to come in the new year.