By bus from Veszprem we arrived further southeast in Hungary, not far from Croatia in fact.  Szeged is another historically significant city; the day after our show some of us were able to take a walking tour through the customary winter mist to see the sights.

The concert was in the ballroom of the Tisza Hotel built in the same year-1885- as Prague's Rudolfinum.  The room had a good sound, and the audience was perhaps our most raucous in Hungary especially when Brian spoke Hungarian and we sang our Ligeti song which everybody seems to know.  Performing in the world's great halls like Rudolfinum is such a wonderful part of our lives.  Taking our own example of American artistry further afield is another, and a very rewarding one.  Feeling the curiosity of the audience which may not have heard anything quite like us nor much of the repertoire we sing is a special Chanticleer experience.  dinner featuring Serbian specialties, and much conviviality, followed.