From our gilt and chandelier hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia, and a great night in Mariinsky II streamed live by the Kirov to the Evangelical Church in Laubach, Germany took two buses and two planes.  More than that we went from the part of our lives which puts us in the world's great concert halls to the part where we perform in little churches in out of the way places for audiences whose appreciation is fueled by their surprise and delight that we're there. That's what makes singing in the great variety of places you do as  a member of this group so thrilling. Tonight was such a night. The Laubach church was packed and a projection over us let everybody see. Germany–its audiences, radio stations, and our first recording company–was so important to our achieving what we've achieved. It's always  good to be back and feel the connection still.  They know us here, very well.

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