We gave our concert - My Secret Heart- on Friday night, then Saturday was the youth choral festival part of Van/Man.   About it, Fred wrote:

This has been a fascinating and exciting day. There must be about 300 men's voices, all the way from Boys Choir of British Columbia to Vancouver Men's Choir (90 or so, premiere of a new piece based on texts of Dalai Lama by Eric Banks and 50 heroic voices from the  Icelandic Men's Choir . Mostly the day is about kids.  Many groups of high-schoolers singing happily, in tune, all sorts of music. The ten "honors" boys who were very excited to sing  with us -- PROMYS, they're called -- were very  well prepared.  On the concert we sang four pieces ( two by Tomkins, Washing of the Water, and Bridge over Troubled Waters) surrounded by Sally Gardens and Hogan's Good News.   The first piece was an Icelandic prayer and the whole room was literally in song -- choristers in front, behind and over the stage, in boxed and balconies. Terrific. A very electric day.