We left Krakow, already looking forward to returning one day, for a bus ride to Krynica which is a spa.   Our performance was a free-to-the-public event in the music festival presented for the spa-goers.   Due to a wedding in the Kosciol Zdrojowy our warm up was moved to 3pm for the 4pm concert. Bear in mind, this was the first outing of a new program!  We arrived in time for lunch, then went directly to the church where the wedding rose petals were just being swept up.  When the doors opened at 3.30 a veritable deluge of people poured in and seemed to be very entertained by a version of our new Heart of a Soldier program.   You never know what to expect on summer tours but now here we are for one night. in the very luxurious resort-spa Hotel Czarny Potok, a bit of a change from the sober surroundings of the Jagellonian University guest house whence we came.  Kalwaria tomorrow promises to be another unusual moment - it's the last day of a religious festival which draws thousands; we will stay in the Pilgrim's House and perform at the Bernardins Sanctuary.