From Krynica we went by bus to Kalwaria, on the last of the days of redemption at the Marian Monastery, which draw huge numbers of pilgrims.  Kalwaria - whose origins date to 1600- was inscribed on the UNESCO monument list in 1999  Unfortunately for the those gathered, it was pouring rain which dampened some of the outdoor festivities.  Upon arriving we had to wait for our rooms in the Pope's Room (John Paul II comes from near here, and his presence is everywhere in the Monastery.). A card game passed the time, with the Pope's vestment as a backdrop.   There was a mass every hour, but time was made for our warm up at 4pm, attended by whoever happened to be in the church - including numerous children.   The devotion of those attending the day of redemption,   the mass and  procession for the Virgin Mary was deeply impressive.  At each mass the sanctuary overflowed.   Our performance happened after the last mass, at 8pm and drew a very nice response from the legendarily quiet and intense Polish audience.  As we've said before - the concentration of audiences here is stunning - they don't move, they don't cough, nothing distracts them.   After the concert there was dinner, and vodka.  A memorable day.