We have performed many times in the MDR Musiksommer festival in Germany, this time in the Dom St. Marien in Havelberg which was a few hours drive from Berlin where we arrived from Paris yesterday afternoon.  One of the fun and fascinating aspects of performing in different countries is that we discover that the audiences in each have their own particular temperaments - from the extreme stillness and concentration of the Poles, to the more animated presence of the French, and now to the Germans who have always been such great supporters, fans, and serious listeners since the beginning of Chanticleer. Our early career in Europe was due in part to our success in Germany where we were often broadcast and where our first recording label ( Teldec)  was based.   We sang Upon this Rock ( formerly known as Psalm) which we will sing again this week in Avila -with the inclusion of a Victoria mass- as part of the Tomas Luis de Victoria festival.  Fred is already there and reporting having a great time with the 38 participants who have come partly to see us!