A fairly momentous start to our new season.  Tonight at the San Francisco Conservatory, before a particularly affectionate crowd, we finished the Bay Area run of our new program "Heart of a Soldier."  We've done this program twice in France, now 5 times in the Bay Area and have been having very good audience response both to the music, and to the subject matter; people telling us that they have been very moved by it.  Mason Bates "Drumtap" and John Musto's 'the silence speaks' are the newly commissioned works, both making very intense and touching statements.  This program now goes on the road, and we hope, if you're coming, you will like it.   Momentous also is our announcement that this season, our 40th, will be Eric Alatorre's last after 27 years of singular contribution to Chanticleer.  Some young man out there will step into Eric's very big shoes as of next summer - in the meantime we will cherish and honor our last months with Eric.   This Bay Area season took place in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Sacramento, and Pleasanton, and are the exemplar of Fred's frequent observation that we're always singing for friends.  Tim Keeler, Zach Burgess, and Matt Mazzola - singers beginning their Chanticleer careers this season- are already old hands.  Off we go to North Carolina and 5 dates in Georgia.