After an uneventful run up to Sonoma State University to appear in the Green Music Center on a lovely Friday evening, we set out for Corpus Christi, Texas by way of Houston to begin our winter tour of Texas, Florida, and Oregon - usually places to stay out of winter weather.  We had no sooner set our sights on Corpus Christi then United cancelled our flight there from Houston.  Resourceful, as ever, we got into cars in Houston for the four hour drive there.  Fortunately we were barely out of Houston when the University in Corpus Christi cancelled everything there ( including our performance) because of cold and ice.  We backed up to Houston where our hotel happily could take us early, and waited out Tuesday where you couldn’t even get a cup of coffee.  Absolutely everything was closed.  We’re trying not to read anything into this beginning of 2018.   The day in Houston was fine today, if unusually very cold.  Gerrod, Alan, and Tim went to the High School of Performing and Visual Arts ( which counts Beyonce as an alum) and worked with Shannon Carter’s Chorale for an hour.  A pleasure, as it was two years ago when we all went there.  Tonight we performed in the wonderful Stude Concert Hall at Rice University.  Our two U of Houston grads, Gerrod and Matt Mazzola were very enthusiastically greeted, as was Heart of a Soldier.  Tomorrow, Nacogdoches.