April is always a month with a lot of different things in it.  To our travels this time, we added the first official event of our 40th Anniversary, at the Sonoma Mission.  On a beautiful Sunday in our first appearance at that tiny mission, we celebrated our 40th year of performing in the California missions, and the 28 years in Chanticleer of bass Eric Alatorre who leaves us in the summer.  The day started with wine tasting generously provided by Chris and Naomi Thorpe in the company of Eric and his family, a performance of mission baroque music with commentary by Fred, Craig Russell and Eric, and more wine after the concert.    We had performed the program of the Bolivian and Mexican baroque music we love in March and early April in San Francisco, Fremont and Santa Clara.  A whirlwind tour to Phoenix, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge, Hattiesburg, MO, followed then back to the Bay Area for the Sonoma event, and a last performance of the mission baroque program in Santa Cruz.  Another whirlwind to La Jolla and Camarillo, California followed by New York, Brooklyn and Philadelphia.  There was a nice surprise in Philadelphia where a group from the Keystone State Boys and Girls Choirs attended.  They sought out Fred, and then asked if they might sing a number for us which they did very sweetly.  Some audiences members stayed to listen.  A nice moment.  Followed by a return to Washington DC’s at St. John’s Episcopal church in Georgetown which brought April to an end.  After New Britain and Boston this week we’ll return home to prepare our final Bay Area concerts and several Anniversary events.