This month we’re celebrating Chanticleer’s 40th - an event which amazes all of us but which would not have surprised Louis Botto at all - those who knew him say. 

We began with performances of “Then and there, Here and Now” an Anniversary program paying tribute to composers and repertoire we have loved over these years.  We’ve performed it in Danville, Sacramento, Santa Clara, and, this weekend in San Francisco, and people seem to be loving it. It will go on the road in July.   These performances also celebrated Eric Alatorre, retiring after 28 years in Chair 12.  The weekend’s performances in San Francisco were full of long-time fans, and a number of alums, among them Rob Bell, Jeff Watts, Frank Albinder, Chris Fritzsche and Jesse Antin who came to see Eric off.  The next Anniversary event, in the Old Mission Dolores on June 27 will actually be Eric’s last San Francisco performance, then his last last last performance will be at the Ravinia Festival on July 31.  Nice to see him showered with all the affection he so richly deserves, and looking forward to life after Chanticleer.

We know you will welcome the next occupant of Chair 12. ( the Eric Alatorre Chair, endowed by Peggy Skornia,) pictured below with Eric at our recent photo session. Bass Andy Berry is a Yale grad, and a former Whiffenpoof, and we look forward to singing with him, starting in August.