When we saw North Haven on the schedule we didn’t think so much of it.  Must be north of New Haven, we thought.  Then it became clear that it’s an island which we would get to by ferry, and where we would be dependent upon the kindness of the locals for housing.   A Nor’easter was predicted which didn’t eventuate today for our ferry trip which did, however, take place in a complete fog.  We had no idea where we were going.  Arriving in North Haven at 3.30pm, right on time for our 5pm dinner and warmup and 7.30pm concert we were warmly welcomed and taken off to our respective houses, one of which is the Anne Morrow Lindbergh house ( you can see it in the distance in the panoramic picture below) next to the landing strip from which Charles took off on one of his flights to Paris.  The Waterman Community Center has a 100 seat theater with a good size stage ( for a l00 seat theater) and an acoustic which enabled us to hear each other very well.  That doesn’t always happen.   We were sold out in advance, and quite a few people hoping for a seat were turned away.  It was an intense and intimate experience for a hugly enthusiastic audience.   People were great, and it was worth the trip in the car, on the boat, through the fog to get here.  The Nor’easter had better not happen tomorrow either, as we must get off this island and over to New Hampshire for a performance in. Plymouth New Hampshire tomorrow night.